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We added a New Level

The Thoroughbred Eagles

Is an all taildraggers group.

Are You Ready

Share Your Love of Aviaition


We Mentor and Support Flight Club 502

Flight Club 502 is a non-profit organization based in Louisville that is dedicated to teaching young people to fly. The club was established in 2015 by eight girls to inspire kids to learn about aviation. The club now has over 80 members. 


We will host EAA and AOPA Young Eagle Flights

An introduction to Young People in Aviation can be life changing!

Not only that it sparks a renewed interest in You!

EAA Young Eagles     


Share your Love of Aviation with other Members

We will gather together for social activities around flying!

Fly In Breakfast, Airplane Wash Days and Cookouts, Aviation Forums, and many more!

Reignite your Passion for Aviation!



How we operate the club.

We are organized as a 501c7 nonprofit equity share Flying Club. We are all shared owners of these airplanes whether they are leased or owned by the club itself and Everyone should treat these airplanes like they are yours – because they are.  We are all pilots – your membership is a family membership and includes spouses and children under 25 that are pilots. 

We will run our club using sound financial principles so the club cannot just survive but thrive. As with any asset you have fixed annual cost of owning an airplane. We will cover these fixed annual costs, including Insurance, in the monthly dues before a wheel turns so that the per hour use rate can stay reasonable. We have included putting money away so we are able to keep the airplanes we have up to date and so that our club can upgrade and grow in the future.  We have set the hourly rates to cover all the variable cost of running the airplanes. So there will be No surprise assessments for engine overhauls or other items. 

What's included

We cover your insurance. 

Your monthly Dues pay the fixed cost of owning the airplane and the operation of the club. 

Hourly Usage Fee covers the variable cost of operating the airplane and is on Tach or Flight hours.

Your Share price provides capital for the club and is generally refundable within 30 days after resigning from the club but theoretically could require the liquidation of assets to repay. 

We are taking applications!

We have opening at the Eagles level and Advanced Level but are currently Full in both the Basic / Basic Plus Level.   You can apply at the Basic / Basic Plus Level and your name will be added to the Wait list as we look to add a 2nd C172 to that level of the Club hopefully this spring.

The Eagles Level is for those interested in an all Taildragger experience and has a 1970  Citabria 7ECA. The Eagle Level can be added to any other level for an additional $25 per Month. 

The Basic Level of the Club is for Private Pilots and above has a 1986 C172P upgraded to 180hp and upgraded Avionics. 

The Basic Plus is also for Private Pilots and above and includes the C172 and a 1975 C182 also with upgraded Avionics. The C182 requires 5 hours in Make and Model.  

The Advanced Level includes all airplanes plus a 2005 Cirrus SR22 and a 2007 Cirrus SR22 both with upgraded Avionics. The Cirrus SR22 Requires a Private Pilot with an Instrument Rating, 500 Total Time and 10 hours in Make and Model. 

All memberships include all the pilots in the family including children up to age 25.

You can start at the Basic Level and upgrade to an upper Level at any time, all that you have to do is pay the difference in Share Fee and Monthly Dues start the next Month.

To insure availability we limited memberships to 10 per airplane on the Basic Level  or the Basic Plus Level  and 8 per airplane on the Advanced Level.

Please fill out the Membership application, a copy of your Drivers License, Pilot’s Certificates and Medical then arrange to meet one of the Board Members or  you can mail it with a Check payable to Thoroughbred Flying Club  for the $250 Joining Fee plus The Share Fee for the Highest Level you are joining:

Eagles Share Fee is $500

Basic Level Share Fee is $1000 

Advanced Level Share Fee is $3000

You can arrange to meet with someone or mail it to:

Thoroughbred Flying Club

10629 Gleneagle Pl.

Louisville, KY 40223 

Remember your Share Fee is returned to you minus anything you owe the club if you decide to leave.

Monthly Dues are not due til the Month after you join.  

The Eagles are $100 per Month for the  Citabria at $35 per Tach Hour Dry. 

The Basic Level is $175 per month for the C172 will be $50 per Tach Hour Dry. 

The Basic Plus Level includes the C182 and C172 for $200 and the C182 is $70 per Tach Hour Dry.  The Advanced Level is $350 per month and the Cirrus' are $130 per Flight hour Dry.

To add the Eagle Level cost an additional $25 per month to the upper levels.

Feel free to share this with others you think would be interested and a good member in the Club. The more members we have the faster we can grow!

We strive to make everything as easy and paperless as possible so All scheduling and billing are done with Flight Schedule Pro.  Monthly dues and hourly fees are paid via a debit or credit card that is encrypted and securely stored on Flight Schedule Pro.

You will get a sign in for the online scheduling system once we receive and approve your application.

Summary of Cost

There is a $250 nonrefundable Joining fee  and then:

Eagles Level is $500 Share Fee plus $100 Per Month.

Citabria 7ECA is $35 per Tach Hour Dry.

To add the Eagle Level to a higher level Requires an additional $25 per Month

Basic Level is  $1000 Share Fee Plus $175 per month. 

C-172 is $50 per Tach hour dry.

Basic Plus is the same $1000 Share fee but $200 per Month

Includes the  C182 and C172

C182 is $70 per Tach Hour Dry

Advanced Level is $3000 Share Fee plus $350 per month 

Includes the  Cirrus SR22, C182 and C172

Cirrus SR22 is $130 per Flight hour dry.

The Share Fee is held in Escrow and returned minus anything owed the club if you leave.

Leaseback Opportunities


We to explore options with you.

We are looking for those who may be interested in a leaseback opportunity with the Thoroughbred Flying Club. We can show you how it can be very advantageous to leaseback your airplane with us and discuss if it would fit in the Club now or in the future.

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Arrange a Visit!

We would Love to meet with you.

Thoroughbred Flying Club

KJVY Clark County Airport, Sellersburg, Indiana 47172

In the New T Hangars (502) 744-5871